Hello and welcome to Old Rectory

I'm Joanna, creator of Old Rectory. All of Old Rectory's home textiles are designed and printed at The Old Rectory in Co. Wicklow. I am fortunate to live in this beautiful part of the world that continually inspires my designs and prints.

I imbue the creative process from start to finish.

I begin with sketching or painting plants and foliage from the garden - this is the fun and freestyle part. Then things get a bit more technical - screen printing involves paring back colours and thinking in layers as each screen delivers one colour so lots of editing and modifying of my original vision happens (this can go on for a while). 

I carefully choose the texture of my fabrics so that the end product uses more than just your visual sense - I want it to feel natural to our touch and to compliment botanical design. I mix all of my own water based dyes in the studio and finally I screen print my designs onto natural linen or cotton. 

I endeavor to create textiles that reflect the natural world, which in turn, I hope will be reflected within your homes and interiors. My materials are kind to our environment with my studio produces as little waste as possible. All of my textiles and inks are sourced in Ireland and the UK. 

I run workshops at The Old Rectory which you will find details of in the Workshop link.

We also offer short-term accommodation in the Gate Lodge at The Old Rectory - you might even find a few of my cushions and textiles for your comfort and joy during your stay!

Thank you and I look forward to sharing my designs with you.